About Dan.shasserre

Dan has spent the past five years as Vice President Development for The Nine Network of Public Media. During his tenor Nine Network achieved record breaking fundraising results. The Nine Network just completed a $25 million dollar capacity building campaign. FY2014 achieved the best fundraising year in their 60 year history. Dan has spent the past eight years as the Vice President of Development & Communications for Catholic Charities of Saint Louis. Under Mr. Shasserre’s direction, Catholic Charities exceeded annual fundraising goals each year. Dan’s reputation for creating innovative strategies led to record-breaking revenues in major gifts and planned gifts. Dan is an experienced marketing professional. He designed and implemented brand awareness benchmark studies and directed tactics, leading to a 40% increase in brand awareness of Catholic Charities in the five year period measured. The Catholic Charities of Saint Louis Federation of agencies fundraising revenue exceeds $25 million annually. They are considered to be the most successful fundraising organization of all Catholic Charities social service agencies nationally. In addition to local fundraising, Catholic Charities of Saint Louis raised more than $5 million to aid victims of 9/11, survivors of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, and people who faced the devastating destruction of hurricane Katrina. Prior to joining Catholic Charities, Dan spent ten years in the professional sports marketing field. He served as the Director of Marketing for the National Hockey League St. Louis Blues franchise. In that capacity, he had the opportunity to put together hundreds of corporately sponsored special events. Later, he spent seven years as Vice President for a St. Louis-based advertising agency working on branding strategies and media plans for clients like Anheuser-Busch, John Deere, Ralston Purina and Lennox Industries. Mr. Shasserre has previously served as a consultant for international organizations. He has been a strategic planning and marketing training facilitator and a frequent guest speaker at regional and national conferences. He has spoken recently at Catholic Charities USA national meetings on topics like "How to Build Your Brand" ; "How to Create a Planned Giving Program on a Small Budget" ; "Branding , Marketing, and Fundraising-Why it All Matters." Dan and his wife Sandy have been happily married for forty-seven years. They have six children and ten grandchildren.

Pandemic: Crab Bake

Saturday night of week four we enjoyed a fantastic feast prepared by Kelly and Mark. I supplied the photo’s but nothing else. The meal- Smoked Salmon appetizers, clams with garlic butter, boiled crabs caught just hours earlier, roasted clams and a few White Belgian beers to wash it all down.

Pandemic: Road Trip Week 4

As you can tell from the photographs above we are enjoying some family fun at Kris Brenkenridge’s birthday party on Guemes Island. Other parts of the family are scattered around the country. Brent and Dani have moved to Maine. Todd, Jessica and Scarlet are road tripping to Florida. Craig, Nicole, Olivia,, Evan and Ella and friends are in a private house on a Florida beach this weekend. Mark, Kelly, Rumi and Teo are camping in the Olympic National Forest. So, the family is scattered about but we all stay connected via communications throughout the pandemic. Although we are traveling we are trying to be safe by keeping our distance and by wearing face mask protection.

Monday of this week Brian and I drive to Tacoma to return Fisher to his mother. Here is the plan: I leave Guemes on the 2:45pm ferry. Arrive Brain’s by 3:15pm. We leave Anacortes by 3:30pm arrive Tacoma by 5:30pm. Return to Anacortes in time to meet the 8pm. “final” ferry back to Guemes.

Here is what actually happened: I arrive the ferry line at 1:45pm to get on the 2pm ferry. The line is long. I miss the ferry and wait for the 2:45pm ferry as was my original plan. The 2:45pm ferry comes over with an emergency vehicle. It heads to its destination, picks up a person in need and then returns to the ferry boat for a trip back to Anacortes. In the meantime the ferry line does not move. Two hours later at 3:45pm I drive on to the ferry, reaching Brian and Fisher for departure at 4pm. By the time we return to Anacortes I have missed the final ferry therefore, I spend the night at Brian and Emily’s new house. Oh well, I enjoyed many fantastic conversation’s with Brian. I am learning so much about how to draw down our carbon footprint, Climate Change, organic farming, Donut Economics, Black Lives Matter, and more

Here we find Sienna, Amaya and Sebastian creating their very own personalized stepping stones. The cement is still wet at this point. But, when it dries these stones will eventually be placed as a pathway through a vegetable garden on the farm.

Each night this past week we catch Kris, (Master Captain) as he makes his final run through the San Juan Islands and heads home from his work day. Its kind of fun for him and for us as we wave from our cabin deck and he sounds the fog horn from the sea.

Pandemic: Road Trip Week 3

From the 15th floor of our home on Skinker Blvd. in Saint Louis we overlook JFK Forest of Forest Park. We can see a golf course to the north, the Chase Park Plaza, the Cathedral ,the Wheel, and the St. Louis Arch due east. The park is full of walkers, runners, bikers, skaters, golfers, Zoo attendees, History Museum buffs, Boat House guests and more. The noise of the city is evident by police and ambulance sirens, rap music blasting from passing traffic, loud motorcycles nightly and occasional screeching of brakes just prior to another car accident at the intersection.

From our Guemes Island cabin we hear nothing. Occasionally, we can hear a motor boat sound in the distance. We hear birds singing often but that pleasant sound goes on without much notice. We see sail boats, tug boats, huge oil tanker rigs, fisher men in boats of all sizes but most are two-man vessels.  We see a few people as they walk the beach. We see their dogs. We see the deer, porpoise and seals. But we hear quiet. Quiet has no sound. Silence is silence.

So, tell me again, why do I want to go home?

Our life is pretty much dictated by when we get off this island and when we get back on it.

This week Brian and I drove down south of Seattle to Tacoma where we picked up our grandson, Fisher, who lives in Portland, Oregon. His mother brings Fisher northbound on Highway 5 as we head southbound. The mid-point is Tacoma. It will be cool to hang out with Fisher, Amaya, Rumi, Teo, Sienna and Sebastian this week.

BTW. Fisher is sixteen. As you can see, he has grown quite a bit!

I got a surprise call from my friend and former colleague at Nine Network, Emily Height. She and her husband, Scott and their two boys are vacationing on Orca Island. They came  over on the Anacortes Ferry at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon. So, Sandy and I provided ice cream for six  which we all shared at the Anacortes Marina. Then, we sent Colson and Teddy home with a bag full of Jelly Beans. Emily is pregnant with a baby. girl due this fall. Congrats Scott and Emily!

For the fourth day this week we spend a few hours at the local skateboard park. It is not up to Portland, Oregon standards but it works in a pinch. Fisher is really good. It took him 40 plus tries to land a complicated landing but with tremendous persistence, effort and angst he finally landed it! Pretty awesome.  

Amaya has no interest in skateboarding but she loves her animals, plants, creative drawings and her friends especially Nut Brown and Bella Beautiful. And, she is quite the creative artist. Below we are designing oiur very own drinking cup.

For my friends Terry and Jo, living in Las Vegas and all of our friends and family living in St. Louis while you are enjoying temperatures exceeding 100 degrees we are turning on the heat for morning coffee and we need a sweatshirt and a fire for the evening on the beach.