ALASKA or BUST- Postscript

We arrived at our hotel at SeaTec a little after mid-night. Then, we left Seattle for Anacortes via the airport shuttle at 10:00am. For the last few days have been showing mild cold-like symptoms. By the time we arrived in Anacortes we thought it was time to get tested for Covid. As the picture above is a giveaway we tested positive.

Most of the past several days we are quarantined on Guemes Island. So, I’m not feeling sorry for us. This is a good place for R&R. On Saturday we drove over to Anacortes for Teo’s soccer game and then stayed for Amya’s game. We had nice visit with Kelly and Brian Saturday. Emily stayed on after her ferry shift to visit with us from 10 feet away in a masked conversation. That was nice of her Then, Sunday we visited with Kerry and Kris. We have seen the grandkids from a distance. Although this is not an ideal situation it could be far worse. The good news is that Sandy and I both had mild cases of Covid with cold-like symptoms. We are both kind of over it.

By this weekend we should back to normal. We will be here for eight more days before boarding an airplane so, we will be contagious free by then.


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