About Dan.shasserre

Dan has spent the past five years as Vice President Development for The Nine Network of Public Media. During his tenor Nine Network achieved record breaking fundraising results. The Nine Network just completed a $25 million dollar capacity building campaign. FY2014 achieved the best fundraising year in their 60 year history. Dan has spent the past eight years as the Vice President of Development & Communications for Catholic Charities of Saint Louis. Under Mr. Shasserre’s direction, Catholic Charities exceeded annual fundraising goals each year. Dan’s reputation for creating innovative strategies led to record-breaking revenues in major gifts and planned gifts. Dan is an experienced marketing professional. He designed and implemented brand awareness benchmark studies and directed tactics, leading to a 40% increase in brand awareness of Catholic Charities in the five year period measured. The Catholic Charities of Saint Louis Federation of agencies fundraising revenue exceeds $25 million annually. They are considered to be the most successful fundraising organization of all Catholic Charities social service agencies nationally. In addition to local fundraising, Catholic Charities of Saint Louis raised more than $5 million to aid victims of 9/11, survivors of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, and people who faced the devastating destruction of hurricane Katrina. Prior to joining Catholic Charities, Dan spent ten years in the professional sports marketing field. He served as the Director of Marketing for the National Hockey League St. Louis Blues franchise. In that capacity, he had the opportunity to put together hundreds of corporately sponsored special events. Later, he spent seven years as Vice President for a St. Louis-based advertising agency working on branding strategies and media plans for clients like Anheuser-Busch, John Deere, Ralston Purina and Lennox Industries. Mr. Shasserre has previously served as a consultant for international organizations. He has been a strategic planning and marketing training facilitator and a frequent guest speaker at regional and national conferences. He has spoken recently at Catholic Charities USA national meetings on topics like "How to Build Your Brand" ; "How to Create a Planned Giving Program on a Small Budget" ; "Branding , Marketing, and Fundraising-Why it All Matters." Dan and his wife Sandy have been happily married for forty-seven years. They have six children and ten grandchildren.

Pandemic: Road Trip Week 6

Brian has spent the weekend working on the 2nd bedroom re-hab which is looking fantastic. He has been cutting, trimming, sanding and painting. It’s awesome watching him work. I’ve tried to be helpful but the more I help it seems to cause him a backslide to re-do what I did.

Today, Wednesday, we were to be be joining Mark, Kelly, Rumi, Teo on a island hopping boating excursion. But, dangerous boating conditions have changed our plans. The pictures below capture Kelly on their boat Sunday afternoon in Washington and Brent, Dani, Mary, Mark and Samantha on their boat in Maine on the same day– 3,331 miles apart.

Brian finished the bedroom renovation on Monday. Tuesday Sandy and I drove the Chuckanut scenic road up to Bellingham for lunch. It was the first day that we did not see one of the grandkids since we arrived on July 4. Wednesday night Kerry, Sienna and Seba spent the night with us at the cabin. Kerry brought chilli and corn bread. Sienna brought blueberry muffins and cookies. Thursday Kelly, Mark, Rumi amd Teo arrived by boat. They are on a boat vacation traveling around the San Juan Islands. So, they were close enough to drop by on the west shore for roasted shrimp and roasted asparagus. Friday we head east on Hyway 20 for a beautiful three hour ride to Mazama. We plan to stay there until Wednesday morning before heading on to Idaho.

Because of the pandemic this is the first time visiting this area when did not visit the Pelican Book Store in Anacortes and my favorite restaurants i.e., Mary Ann’s Kitchen, Dad’s Diner, A’Town Bistro and Anthony’s. In fact, while we ate fantastic meals made by Sandy, Kelly and Kerry we did not eat any meals at restaurants all month.

Mark and Dan Guemes swag August 6, 2020 62 degrees, cooler with windy day

Pandemic: Road Trip Week 5

The year 2020 is one we will never forget. It started with an unplanned trip to Maui, with two visits to San Diego at the front end and back end of the trip. Then, came March and the Coronavirus. In June we were forced to cancel the planned trip to London, Rome and Paris. In its place we made an abrupt decision to buy a new car and road trip to Washington to help Emily and to get some valuable family time with the three families we see in person least of all. Its been a great joy to spend time with Mark, Kelly, Rumi, Teo, Kris, Kerry, Sienna, Sebastian, Brian, Emily, Fisher and Amaya.

This week is extra-special: Emily will be getting her cast off, replaced by a walking boot, Craig will turn 50 and Sienna will become a teenager.These are all family milestones.

I am not sure how Craig feels about turning age fifty. I think he is OK with the notion or at least accepting of the facts. Sandy and I are reflective. How can it be possible? We have a son at age fifty! Astonishing! Where does time go?

Then, Sienna turning 13 becoming our 5th teenage grandchild, Rumi will be next 8 months from now. So, we our in the midst of week of memories past and present. Great time to place our hands in concrete. They can walk all over us if they want. Just remember, we were here.

Pandemic: Crab Bake

Saturday night of week four we enjoyed a fantastic feast prepared by Kelly and Mark. I supplied the photo’s but nothing else. The meal- Smoked Salmon appetizers, clams with garlic butter, boiled crabs caught just hours earlier, roasted clams and a few White Belgian beers to wash it all down.