Saint Louis, Restaurants

Downtown Saint Louis

  • Tony’s- St. Louis’ only Five Star Restaurant
  • Kemolls- Very close behind Tony’s
  • Mike Shannon’s –local baseball player hangout
  • McMurphy’s –St. Patrick Center training grounds for homeless; good lunch
  • Benton Park Café-good breakfast place on Arsenal
  • Schafly’s Brew House – you have already found this one
  • BB’s Jazz and Blues-good hangout near the Ball Park


  • Mangio’s- Good Italian restaurant close by
  • St. Louis Diner-open morning, noon and night
  • Three Monkey’s-good Bar Food
  • King & I- Vietnamese and Chinese
  • Pho Grand-Vietnamese
  • Black Thorn  Pub – some people like the pizza but is it worth the wait?
  • Shaved Duck- wonderful bar-b-que
  • Sidney Street Café-one of the very best restaurants, expensive


  • Joannie’s – good pizza
  • McGurk’s- fun place; eat inside or out ; have a Guinness
  • Norton’s Cafe- inside or out party restaurant
  • Tuckers-good bar with better food

South St. Louis

  • Iron Barley- got to try this place
  • Giuseppe’s- good Italian restaurant; reasonable price
  • Chimchanga’s- Mexican
  • Farmhaus-charming little restuarant on Ivanhoe, great chef, great food!

Lafayette Square

  • 1111 Mississippi- good food, cool place
  • Squires- good ambiance, good food, a little pricey
  • Square One Brewery- good beer, food is just ok.
  • VindeSet- good restaurant, great ambiance

Dog Town

  • Seamus Mc Daniel- good Irish pub
  • Pat’s Bar & Grill—maybe it’s a guy’s place for chicken gizzards and Beer


  • Massa’s- Dan’s favorite place for pizza
  • Citizen Kane’s- good steak house
  • Milagro-Adam Tilfer’s new restuarant-Best Mexican in Saint Louis

Creve Couer

  • Paul Manna’s- small Italian restaurant; very good
  • Bristol’s- best fish restaurant in Saint Louis

Richmond Heights

  • Jimmy’s- one of my favorite places; Wine bar,Kaldi’s close by

The Hill

  • Dominick’s- one of the best restaurants in town
  • Charlie Gitto’s-more expensive Italian
  • Mama Capicci’s- very good, crowed Italian, reasonable
  • Zia’s-good Italian, medium price
  • Ragazzi’s- go for the Fish Bowl
  • Cunetto’s House of Past—can’t go wrong
  • Lou Boccardi’s – perhaps the best thin crust pizza in town

The Loop

  • Blueberry Hill- home of Chuck Berry, good hamburgers and chili
  • Riddles- surprise ; very good restaurant

Central West End

  • Lumina-one of the CWE best places
  • Wild Flower-nice place; good food, expensive
  • Tortillaria-very small Mexican restaurant owned by a friend; good food/cheap
  • Majestic- good Greek food; good for breakfast or lunch
  • Kopperman’s-best corned beef-hash and eggs; fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
  • Duff’s-good atmosphere, good food, changing menu items
  • Bar Italia- Italian, nice outdoor dining, expensive
  • Osage Cafe, great atmosphere, best for breakfast

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