The last time I wrote anything in my blog was August 2020. On September 6, 2022 Sandy and I will embark on a trip scheduled unlike any trip in our past. We are accustomed to road trips having travelled to all 50 States in America. We enjoyed multiple trips to Canada including the 1988 Winter Olympics trip courtesy of ABC TV. And, we have some limited International travel including Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands. Then, of course, we had the once in lifetime FREE trip to the 1992 Winter Olympics thanks to CBS TV, landing in Geneva, Switzerland on the way to Albertville, France.

This year, in March -April we traveled by car to Alabama, Florida, then up through Georgia and South Carolina to Black Mountain, North Carolina to visit Brent and Dani before returning home. In June we took our granddaughter, Scarlett, with us for a two week visit with her cousins in Anacortes and Mazama Washington.. In August we were back to Black Mountain with Todd, Jessica and Scarlett. This October we plan to go back to Black Mountain and Asheville NC. What a wonderful whirlwind of travel adventures this year!

What makes this trip so different is that will be scheduled by an itinerary where a missed plane, missed train or car troubles will leave us missing a pre-paid destination point. We prefer traveling with more flexibility, less scheduled options. We’ll see how it goes. Stay tuned…….

As we review our pre-trip plans to Alaska we are looking at 54 pages of itinerary including air travel, train vouchers, car rental vouchers and hotel vouchers. We land in Seattle, Washington on September 6 then depart for Anchorage on September 7, I am planning share photo’s and write daily. We will see how that goes..