Pandemic: Road Trip Week 5

The year 2020 is one we will never forget. It started with an unplanned trip to Maui, with two visits to San Diego at the front end and back end of the trip. Then, came March and the Coronavirus. In June we were forced to cancel the planned trip to London, Rome and Paris. In its place we made an abrupt decision to buy a new car and road trip to Washington to help Emily and to get some valuable family time with the three families we see in person least of all. Its been a great joy to spend time with Mark, Kelly, Rumi, Teo, Kris, Kerry, Sienna, Sebastian, Brian, Emily, Fisher and Amaya.

This week is extra-special: Emily will be getting her cast off, replaced by a walking boot, Craig will turn 50 and Sienna will become a teenager.These are all family milestones.

I am not sure how Craig feels about turning age fifty. I think he is OK with the notion or at least accepting of the facts. Sandy and I are reflective. How can it be possible? We have a son at age fifty! Astonishing! Where does time go?

Then, Sienna turning 13 becoming our 5th teenage grandchild, Rumi will be next 8 months from now. So, we our in the midst of week of memories past and present. Great time to place our hands in concrete. They can walk all over us if they want. Just remember, we were here.

1 thought on “Pandemic: Road Trip Week 5

  1. Looks like another great week and lots of fun memories with the kids. Love the steppingstones! I am also grateful for that last minute trip to Maui. My mind wanders back there frequently even if my body can’t.
    A hui hou my friends 💕

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