Pandemic: Road Trip Week 4

As you can tell from the photographs above we are enjoying some family fun at Kris Brenkenridge’s birthday party on Guemes Island. Other parts of the family are scattered around the country. Brent and Dani have moved to Maine. Todd, Jessica and Scarlet are road tripping to Florida. Craig, Nicole, Olivia,, Evan and Ella and friends are in a private house on a Florida beach this weekend. Mark, Kelly, Rumi and Teo are camping in the Olympic National Forest. So, the family is scattered about but we all stay connected via communications throughout the pandemic. Although we are traveling we are trying to be safe by keeping our distance and by wearing face mask protection.

Monday of this week Brian and I drive to Tacoma to return Fisher to his mother. Here is the plan: I leave Guemes on the 2:45pm ferry. Arrive Brain’s by 3:15pm. We leave Anacortes by 3:30pm arrive Tacoma by 5:30pm. Return to Anacortes in time to meet the 8pm. “final” ferry back to Guemes.

Here is what actually happened: I arrive the ferry line at 1:45pm to get on the 2pm ferry. The line is long. I miss the ferry and wait for the 2:45pm ferry as was my original plan. The 2:45pm ferry comes over with an emergency vehicle. It heads to its destination, picks up a person in need and then returns to the ferry boat for a trip back to Anacortes. In the meantime the ferry line does not move. Two hours later at 3:45pm I drive on to the ferry, reaching Brian and Fisher for departure at 4pm. By the time we return to Anacortes I have missed the final ferry therefore, I spend the night at Brian and Emily’s new house. Oh well, I enjoyed many fantastic conversation’s with Brian. I am learning so much about how to draw down our carbon footprint, Climate Change, organic farming, Donut Economics, Black Lives Matter, and more

Here we find Sienna, Amaya and Sebastian creating their very own personalized stepping stones. The cement is still wet at this point. But, when it dries these stones will eventually be placed as a pathway through a vegetable garden on the farm.

Each night this past week we catch Kris, (Master Captain) as he makes his final run through the San Juan Islands and heads home from his work day. Its kind of fun for him and for us as we wave from our cabin deck and he sounds the fog horn from the sea.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic: Road Trip Week 4

  1. Hey dad, finally reading your blog on the boat to kids. They are loving it. 🙂 they are amazed by how well you can write and they even said “ he sounds like a poet”. Movie time now , so we will read a couple more of the post tomorrow. Thank you and Love you!

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