Pandemic: Road Trip Week 2

From the cabin on Guemes Island this is our view of Cypress Island that welcomes us as we have morning coffee. This morning its overcast, low clouds, temp. in the 50’s.  Just west of Cypress is Blakely Island and Orcas Island. To our north is Sinclair Island and Lummi Island. Southwest of us is Lopez Island and San Juan Island. And, then further southwest is the Canadian borderline and Victoria of Vancouver Island. These are all islands worthy of exploring by boat and hikes. And, we have been fortunate to have visited most of these islands multiple times since we first start coming out this way because our children moved out here. With Brian, Kelly and Kerry all living here permanently with spouses and children (our grandkids) we will be traveling here for as long as we are in good health.

Monday, Emily had successful foot surgery in Seattle. We had Amaya for two days including a sleep over on Guemes. We had a great time until bedtime when Amaya missed her own bed and her mom and dad. So, she got comfortable only after crawling into bed between grandma and grandpa. It’s been a long time since I have had to sleep with a six-year old. They may kick you where it hurts. So. sleep facing away from the kicker.  

We leave the Island every day to help Emily. We pick up Amaya and visit Kerry and her kids or Kelly and her kids. This weekend we may hangout with all of the families for a meal or two.

Every evening we try to get back on the 4pm or 5pm ferry. So, we have time to sit on the porch enjoying the view as Sandy prepares another great meal. We have fresh garden salads almost every night because the garden salads come directly from one of the kids back yards. Each of the three have ample supply. The deer in this area usually drop by every evening around our dinner time so we have this special wildlife sight on the grounds as we search the sea for seal or porpoise. We have seen Orca whales in these parts in years past but nothing so exciting this time. Occasionally, we see an eagle or sea gulls but this year the wildlife viewing has been slim.


I have three  projects this week. The weed-whacking around the cabin was fun. The wall paper removal, not so much.  UGH. And, Kerry’s grass needs to be cut again. So, back on the tractor ;awn mower. We are about to enjoy a beautiful Sunday on Guemes. Hope you are having a great day too.


1 thought on “Pandemic: Road Trip Week 2

  1. Glad to hear Emily’s surgery went well. It’s crazy to see summer pics of the kids in sweats. When we have coffee outside in the morning it’s usually in the 80s but was nearly 100 today. Too hot to be outside much for the next couple days. I’m a little jealous of you there EXCEPT for the wallpaper removal! Have a great week. Sending hugs 🤗

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