Pandemic: Road Trip Week 1

June 30-July 5

For those of you who have followed our five-day road trip you know we made it to Guemes Island by July 4th, as planned. If you followed each day you had to scroll down from the original document to find days 2-5.  Because I was writing new content and editing the original document each day there were times when the blog was published, unpublished and then published again. This was a bit confusing for some readers who let me know.

So, now that we are here for a few weeks I intend to publish new content weekly with a separate blog header which denote weekly updates. Therefore, less need for you to scroll.

To summarize the past week, I must report that we felt very safe throughout our travels. Every hotel was extra-ordinarily clean. The front desk people all wore masks and special protocols were in place to insist on six feet distance and ease of registration. There were no gathering places for people and limited seating arrangement. All buffets were closed offering some form of boxed take-out breakfast food. We ate at three outdoor restaurants even though we had planned not to do that. We felt safer in the outdoor eating establishments than we did in the Cheyenne, Wyoming grocery store.

We crawled into bed by 9:30pm last night and didn’t wake until after 8am. Sleeping in the cabin on Guemes Island after five days on the road was peaceful and restful. We had been rising at 6am and then hitting the road by 8am. So, apparently, our bodies needed a long night sleep  which has become unusual for both of us, especially Sandy.

Today, Sunday, we left Guemes by ferry at 11:30am. The ferry line was exceptionally long. We arrived to the ferry at 10:30am and found to our surprise that we were the 55th car in line. The 10:45am ferry took 21 cars. The 11:15 ferry took 20 cars. Thankfully, the ferry chose a double which means we got off the Island at 11:30 with another full load of 21 cars.

We picked up our granddaughter Amaya and said hello to Brian and Emily. Emily has been quarantined for few days prior to her foot surgery scheduled for Monday. We have Amaya for a few days which is an absolute delight. She is six years old going on sixteen. She is full of questions and answers. She is smart and beautiful. So much fun to be around.

We spent the day at Kerry’s farm hooking up with Sienna and Sebastian. The kids were fully occupied. I jumped on the riding mower and cut the grass, about two acres. This little job is one of my FUN activities that I look forward to every time we come out to visit. Sandy worked in the garden’s so she had FUN too.  

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