5 1/2 Months — Week 11




More than once I have told you about the beautiful drive through parts of the USA. Today’s drive on Highway 97 to Highway 2 through the Wenatchee National Forest has to be one of our best on this trip. Ellensburg to Leavonworth is an hour and 15 minute drive. The little town of Leavonworth is a tourist trap town duplicating authentic towns in Germany, or so they say. I would guess, probably not.


Tuesday was a special day for me. Fisher and I spent three hours together at the Swinomish Golf Links. I got in 14 holes and Fisher was my caddie. He drove the golf cart choosing to head into the mud holes not around them. He learned a little bit about the game of golf. Shared excitement with my good shots and hung his head with my bad shots. Really a GREAT TIME.

Tuesday, April 24, 6:00PM Opening Day for the Anacortes Ravens!

What a game…we had eleven hits in four innings. We actually threw out two runners at first base. The machine pitcher struck out 10 of their batters and 12 of ours. It was an epic pitching dual  won by no one since runs scored are not kept. But, I was the score keeper coach, so I know we had two runs.

Wednesday was another beautiful travel day. Brian, Fisher, Sandy and I drove along the Chuckanut Highway to the historical Fairhaven District of Bellingham.


We enjoyed a great walk along the water edge and then a very good lunch at the Boundary Bay Brewery. What a fantastic fun day!


Thursday was game two for the Ravens. The Ravens had twelve hits, scored five runs, two kids crying after striking out, one center fielder who left the field in middle of the game to go pee, six coaches to manage nine kids with three no shows. two line drives caught, no one thrown out at first base in the entire game. You gotta see it to believe it!


4 thoughts on “5 1/2 Months — Week 11

  1. Love keeping up with you guys on the road… looks like another great week!

    So wish I could be there to see the Ravens in action.

    I assume you taught Fisher “your” rules of golf? If so….. He’s going to have a hard time following the game if he watches a PGA event on tv. 🙂

    Love to all!


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  2. The Ravens sound like a force to be reckoned with!!! I would have loved to drive the golf cart with Fischer.

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