5 1/2 Months—Week 10


We begin week #10 by moving from the Baker House on Guemes Island Resort, where we spent the weekend, to our new place on the West Shore. The resort faces east looking at Lummi Island with a view of the snow capped Mount Baker in the background (when clouds don’t interfere). The west shore of Guemes faces Lopez Island, then beyond is San Juan Islands, then the Cascades and further southwest is Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada. Of course, you would need a boat or a plane to jump over a bunch of islands in order to get there. We been to them all. Its worth it.


The new place is an older spacious 2 bedroom cabin with a large kitchen, large deck, and a magnificent million dollar view. This is where we will live for the next six weeks–where we will have that first cup of coffee in the morning. In the evening, after a short walk down the hill, we can enjoy the sunset walk on the beach. We’ll look for agates.

One of the things Sandy and I noticed this morning is how literal the street names are here in Skagit County. The drive along Best Street will take you to Tulip Town. If we went the other direction we would be driving on Market to Farm Road. We past Church Road and School House Road yesterday. There is also Beaver Marsh, Bay View, and Swinomish Casino Road. it takes you right to……well, you get it.

This morning, I discovered Mary Anne’s Kitchen. She made a delicious breakfast that was just like eating out of your best friend’s kitchen. So, this what living in small town America is all about. This month is the Tulip and Poetry Festival. There is live music from local bands every weekend at an Anacortes venue or at the Guemes Island Store, or both. If you like live theatre there is the Dolly Parton, 9-5 live musical at the Anacortes Community Theatre from April 5- 28th. It’s hard to miss an event because there are promotional fliers on local business poster boards all over. And, it’s hard to get lost here. Most streets in the City are on the grid A Street through Z Street crossed by 3th Street- through 36 Street. Sometimes they mess you up by throwing in an Avenue. But, lets not get into that. Kelly and Mark live at L and 7th. Brian and Emily are at 12th and just past A. And, Kerry and Kris, live way out there in Mount Vernon. They live off Avon-Allen Road. Of course, that road connects you to the two towns of Avon and Allen. BTW the tulips were beautiful this morning. I wish I could send more pictures. Gotta go…leaving the Anacortes Library now to pick up Sandy. She was volunteering at the Fiddlehead Montessori where Rumi and Teo go. Then, we have lunch by the Bay. Babysit for Anamya at 2;30pm. And, then Ravens baseball practice from 4:40-6:00pm.

It‘s Friday afternoon and we have just arrived at our Holiday Inn Express in Ellensburg, WA. We drove down through the Mount Baker National Forest area. It’s a nice three hour drive with magnificent scenery much of the way. The Mountain’s still have lots of snow but it melts fast at 3000 feet we had 65 degree weather today. So, we saw some nice small waterfalls; lakes, rivers, and creeks full of water. We are meeting Brian, Emily, Fisher and Amaya at the hotel. Tomorrow morning Emily competes an a 50K mountain running event. We will be there at the finish line. Hopefully, I’ll have time to add a few more pictures before this article will post on 4/22.

Emily started her run at 8:00am. At the five k mark she fell for the first of three times for the day. When she crossed the finish line the first thing she said to me was “Happy Birthday.” She was hardly panting and other than some cuts on hands and knees you would have never known she just finished a grueling 50K race–the toughest course of her life. CONGRATULATIONS EMILY!!!

2 thoughts on “5 1/2 Months—Week 10

  1. Awesome job, Emily. Great to see you guys are roughing it. 🙂 You should share the post on FB. It will help remind me and others to check it out.

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