Pandemic: Road Trip Week 7-final

Pandemic: Road Trip Week Seven Summary


Home sweet home!

We left St. Louis June 30, arrived Anacortes, WA. July 4, departed Guemes Island/Anacortes August 7, spent 4 days in Mazama, WA., and then, arrived St. Louis, August 16. Forty-eight days away was just right for me but not long enough for Sandy.

We miss all of them—Brian, Emily, Fisher, Amaya, Mark, Kelly, Rumi, Teo, Kris, Kerry, Sienna, and Sebastian already.

We traveled 5,635 miles, 14 States traveled through, 5 State Capitol Cities visited. We were never bored but challenged by driving through Nebraska and Kansas. Most beautiful terrain is tied with Washington, Oregon, Utah. Idaho is cool. Montana is my favorite. Colorado is always magnificent.

Every city and every state visited is pandemic conscious except for Cheyenne, Wyoming. Of the nine hotels that we stayed only one did not have staff with masks. Every hotel room was spotless. Best breakfast was the Tru Hilton in Lawrence, Kansas. They offered a hot breakfast sandwich that we did not try. But, the paper bag to-go breakfast included a hard-boiled egg, blueberry muffin, and an orange. Coffee was pretty good. Most hotel coffee is awful.

Highway travel on the road is interesting. We saw highway speed limits from 55 to 80mph. At every speed many cars passed us bye like we were standing still. 90mph is a common speed in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah. The drives through mountains is always fun with lots of varied speeds from 70mph on straightaways to 15mph on hairpin turns.

When on the road we accepted the hotel breakfast in a bag which were not very good. We ate peanut and jelly sandwiches with grapes and protein bars for five lunches and fried chicken or homemade left-overs for the rest. We ate dinner at restaurants, six of which offered outdoor seating. We ate at ZERO fast food places. And, ZERO local diners (my favorite).   

Going west we had four overnights. Coming home we had five. Going out we listened to Spotify and other music. ZERO podcasts. On the way back home, we listened to nothing at all, ZERO. Until yesterday, when I listened to every inning of the Cardinal/White Sox double-header. E

So, we traveled to the west coast and back and witnessed the pandemic situation from many angles in multiple locations. We are fortunate to return in good heath (as far as we are aware).

We arrived home Sunday at noon. Had an awesome dinner with Todd, Jessica and Scarlet at 4pm. Then, Monday, I played golf with Tom and Gerry. Shot my best round of the year-78!          

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