Pandemic: Road Trip Week 7.3

We jumped onto highway 84 headed east to Boise, Idaho looking for something new and different to do without a specific destination in mind. We stopped for brunch at a little park right in front of the Idaho State Capitol building where we enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grapes, and chocolate/almond bark. Then, after an unsuccessful attempt to find the Boise Information Center, we were back on the highway. At some point I decided to jump off the major highway to a smaller scenic highway 30 that took us to beautiful canyon lookouts and then, Miracle Springs, where we had a private hot minerals springs bath.

We had two spectacular moments this afternoon sightseeing in and around Twin Falls. The first was a visit to Shoshone Falls with waterfalls in greater length than Niagra Falls. The second great moment is where we ate an outdoor dinner. The restaurant name is Elevation 486 and it sits on the canyon rim above Snake River. This was a spectacular view, wonderful meal and the highlight of another great day on the road during this pandemic.

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