5 1/2 Months– Week 8

All aboard!

Sandy, Emily, Amaya, Kerry, Kris, Sienna, Sebastian, Kelly, Mark, Rumi and I all load food and clothes for an overnight stay on Orcas Island. We had a beautiful smooth boat ride with Mark as our Captain and Kris, as the more than qualified, super-duper deck hand.

On the way to Orcas we stopped at James Island to give the kids a stretch. We hunted for and collected cool rocks, ran around the beach scaring away all varmints and explored the uninhabited Island searching for other humans. None were found. Kelly stayed on the boat to rest her broken foot while the rest of us took the small dingy to shore.

When we arrived at Orcas Island we stayed at the Historic Landmark Hotel, Rosario Resort and Spa. As our boat was secured at the dock Kelly was letting us know that we had less than an hour to unload, register for our room keys, change clothes and then walk to the resort dining room for dinner.

After dinner we went separate ways. Kelly and her family slept on their boat. Brian, who arrived by car, Emily and Amaya went to their room. Kerry and family headed to their room and Sandy and I to ours. I got in the room in time to watch the second half of the Villanova vs Kansas game which of course Villanova won easily.

Easter Sunday morning was FUN. We had our own private Easter egg hunt in Kerry’s condo room and then at noon we joined all other Rosario patrons on the grounds for their scheduled egg hunt.

Our five grand kids were joined by another two dozen kids under age 12 and before you could count to ten all 500 Easter eggs filled with candy were found. Our kids proudly fought their way to their fair share.

The boat ride back to Anacortes was an adventure. I was tossed around looking at times like Pinnochio. Sandy, as you tell, was wide-eyed as Kelly just chills.

Sunday night we headed back to Kelly and Mark’s home while they loaded up some refrigerated food for their family vacation on a small island in Canada.

We will do the house sitting and some babysitting this week which should be fun.

Wednesday through Saturday we lived with Kris and Kerry. Sienna and Sebastian on their two-acre property affectionately referred to as “Big Mama’s Farm.”

Today, Sandy did the power-washing of plastic sheds while Kerry did some ditch digging and replanting. I mowed the lawn, six different sections of acreage. Kris was raking, gardening while he sold about six items to customers world-wide on Amazon.

The kids kept busy, helping at times, when it didn’t interfere with  their more important play time.

As this week comes to a close we accomplished a few things at Big Mama’s including a day of painting white trim to finish up the living room and a bathroom. Kerry and Sandy made big progress on the gardens and the green houses. Kris continues to sell his Marine products inventory as he had a good day of sales in Seattle, Saturday.

We move into deluxe accommodations at the Guemmes Island Resort in the afternoon. More about that next week.

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