Dan’s Top Five Reason to Hire a Consultant, NOW July 2009

For some organizations, July 1 signals mid-year, the beginning of the dog days of summer, vacation days for you and other members of staff, a time when its hard to get things done. Yet, before you know it, another fundraising event is just around the corner. The year-end direct mail campaign has to be planned. And, by the way, how are you going to pull out from the current deficit?

For other organizations, July 1 signals a fresh start. It’s a new fiscal year, you’ve
closed the books on a difficult year and now your Board is expecting a complete turn around. The lump in your throat begins to bulge. How are you going to increase revenue in this fundraising environment?
Do you need some help?

Reason Number One…

Your Board of Directors seem to be dissatisfied with the fundraisng results, yet,
they fail to recognize their fundamental responsibilities.

Why don’t they read the by-laws and do what Boards are supposed to do? Why are they not responding as you expect them to?

What can you do to “light the fire” moving members from passive to engaged, from complacent to committed?

Reason Number Two…
Your annual fundraising revenue is off 10% (or more) and your development department has offered no viable plans to improve results.

Come on now, this is an easy one. The answer is probably found by studying your database. A quick fundraising audit will discover where problems exist, why they exist, and how to fix it fast.

So, for a “fix-it-fast” audit assessment, you may need a consultant.

Reason Number Three…

Your organization is not growing your major gift program year after year. The number of new donors is not growing, the number of lost donors is growing, and net revenue is disappointing.

This is a significant problem of great concern. A healthy non-profit organization is growing their major gift donor numbers year after year, regardless of economic conditions. If you are not, you have symptoms of an organizational illness.

Perhaps, a fundraisng consultant could help you out.

Reason Number Four…

Your organization has inconsistent planned giving results. In fact, bequest revenue is something you seldom see. Your organization has never really been much good at planned gifts. You can’t afford the expertise. Plus, are these delayed annuity gifts really worth the effort?

If this scenario sounds like your organization you are negligent-way behind where you need to be. If your organization is ten years or older and you do not have an effective planned giving program you are definitely leaving money on the table.

I can say for sure, you definitely need a consultant.

Reason Number Five…

Your organization is the best kept secret in town You have no brand image awareness.When it comes to marketing, communications, public relations you are not among the top players in the non-profit world. And, to top it off, you don’t have a budget for such things. Never had one, never will.

One of the myths that circles through non-profit organizations is that you can’t
build your brand awareness without a big budget.

Have you ever shared your problem with a consultant?

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